Bone Trigger


A four-piece rock band from Toronto, Ontario.

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar - Cee Dee
Lead Guitar - L.P.
Bass Guitar - J.D.
Drummer - Bonhomme

Experience, dedication, and well-written music form the backbone of this extraordinary live band. Their sound is a synergistic explosion of intelligently layered heavy grooves and emotionally charged vocals complimented by melodic leads and subtle overtones.

Their harnessed passions and high energy find release in dynamic performances that leave audiences suspended on an endless wave of musical invention. Cee Dee, Bone Trigger's front man and songwriter, wrote and performed as lead guitarist for Toronto’s Hellz Kitchen Show.

During this time, Cee Dee developed his strong stage presence. Hellz Kitchen opened for acts such as Marilyn Manson, Dope, Not By Choice, Danko Jones, Robin Black and the IRS, LA Guns, and Nash the Slash. Cee Dee fine-tuned his writing and studio skills working with industry respected producers such as Rick Anderson, Dan Reed, and Sean Gregory.

Bone Trigger’s recently released demo CD consist s of 4 original tracks that are receiving attention on,, and have charted in the top ten on Bone Trigger is currently in the studio recording their debut CD titled “Who’s On Top Now Bitch!” Scheduled to be released in 2009 coupled with an array of merchandise, and plans of a music video, Bone Trigger is well on their way to a steady rise to the top in 2009.